Sunday, May 6, 2007

Limbaugh and Imus

This is more proof that NeoCons are racist.

From the Seattle Times:

Limbaugh draws fire on Obama parody

WASHINGTON — Weeks after radio personality Rush Limbaugh began airing a parody song, "Barack, the Magic Negro," about Sen. Barack Obama's popularity with many white voters, it is drawing fire from critics who say it is racist.

The audio clip features a comedian imitating the singing voice of the Rev. Al Sharpton, bemoaning Obama's popularity with whites who will, the lyrics predict, "vote for him and not for me 'cause he's not from da hood.

I remember Michelle Malkin on Fox claiming that there is a double standard in the media, because if a conservative was racist, they would be fired, while if a moderate/liberal was racist (Imus) they would get to keep their job.

Remember that.

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