Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel

Actual beginning of the Super Nintendo game titled "Zero, the Kamikaze Squirrel":

The evil lumberjack, Jacques le Sheets is chopping down Zero's home forest, Stony Forest, to print paper money off of stolen plates. His love, Amy has given him the information from telegram also stating that Jacques has her father as well. Ektor doesn't want Zero to leave, but Zero knows what's important and leaves to save his forest. Using various items at your whim and nifty swooping and jump attack you can get back to your forest ad rescue what's left!

Use your squirrel swooping and jumping attacks along with your ninja stars to kill enemies in your path to save your forest that is in danger. Look for doors that inflate to enter secret caverns for tons of helping items. Grab candy, ice cream and coins for a better score. Gain Z's for life and find ninja stars for more throwing stars! Stock wisely!

Video Games used to be so cool.

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