Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Cuba Becoming New Home for Liberals

"I'm part of this country, like it or not. And I have the right to work for its future" - Strawberry and Chocolate

George W. Bush has long been an advocate for banning gay marriage. Whether it be because of his adopted religion he found after he was caught drunk driving, or - more likely - because he has some unexplainable "feelings" towards Karl Rove, "President" Bush is a man who is dead set against the of a man sharing the bed of another man.

So which country is taking the lead on gay and lesbian rights? You may be surprised to find out that it is Cuba. Cuba, the socialist country that is viewed as an enemy to the United States, has already granted gay marriages, offered sex changes free of charge, and even had a movie about homophobia commissioned by the government itself. Led by Fidel's niece Mariela Castro, who is also head of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education (some of you may be thinking... "sex education"? What's that? But in countries run by more intelligent dictators, it's a kind of schooling meant to make sure you don't die or have lots of little unwanted republican babies), Cuba has enacted various laws supporting gay rights and enacted programs designed to reduce the amount of homophobia in the Cuban communities.

"Because of our historical heritage, Cuban society has been intolerant of homosexuals," said Ruben Remigio Ferro, president of Cuba's Supreme Court. "But there has been a change in thinking. We are developing a program to educate people about sexual orientation. But it is not a problem that has been solved."

It makes you wonder how a country with a Marxist militant history can transform its opinion of homosexuals while our "liberal" society has gay marriage banned in 48½ states (48 + Rhode Island recognizes marriages made in Massachusetts).

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