Thursday, March 8, 2007

Night After Night My Heartbeat Shows the Fear

The Democrats, like Ann Coulter's boyfriends, want to pull out as fast as possible....

What?! You know, because all her boyfriends are Democrats. They're not? Oh...

The story:

Democrats in both the House and the Senate have rallied together to push for an complete troop withdrawal (that's what he said... nyuk nyuk nyuk - okay, I'll stop) by Fall of 2008.

From the New York Times:

WASHINGTON, March 8 — Democratic leaders in the House and Senate began a new legislative push on Thursday for the withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq in 2008, coalescing behind a fixed timetable to end the war.

The plan to establish a specific date for removing troops intensifies the confrontation with the administration at a time when Congress is scrutinizing President Bush’s request for nearly $100 billion in additional spending toward military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Republicans vowed to block the new Democratic effort, which they said amounted to micromanaging the war, and the White House immediately signaled its opposition.

“It would unnecessarily handcuff our generals on the ground, and it’s safe to say it’s a nonstarter for the president,” said Dan Bartlett, a senior White House adviser, speaking to reporters as he traveled with Mr. Bush to Latin America.

Speaking of Bush's trip to Latin America, his welcoming was much like it is here:

It's great being a liberator.

Anyway, The Democrats plan to attach the pullout plan to a war spending bill that the Administration requested for the wars in Afghanistan (remember that place?) and Iraq. Bush and the White House quickly threatened to veto, prompting Democrats to not give a crap. The pullout will be sooner, according to the plan, if the Iraqi Government doesn't fulfill its end of the agreement, strengthening its soldiers and keeping American soldiers out of danger.

Nancy Pelosi said that her biggest worry was that the far left wouldn't be on board, because the measure calls for a withdrawal in late 2008 rather than right this second, as is the oft-repeated desire of the liberal crowd, without driving away moderate democrats that want the generals not to "have their hands tied."

I choose to form an opinion when it happens.


libhom said...

That would be a good way to make Bush cut off funding for the war.

Democrats could keep sending him appropriations bills with a deadline for withdrawal. He could keep vetoing them, and there would be no money left for the war.

It would be funny, but it could work.

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