Thursday, March 1, 2007

United States Captures Taliban Leader - By Making Pakistan Do It

One of the most important Taliban leaders (named Mullah Obaidullah) was arrested today in Pakistan because of pressure from the United States. This pressure, aka Bush's only accomplishment in the "war on terror," Comes a mere 5 years into the invasion of Afghanistan.

For those of you that have forgotten, Afghanistan was the country the United States went to war with, but then we subsequently left without accomplishing anything because we had to go to war with this other guy who posted an "immanent threat" aka "had more oil."

Amazingly, this capture came just a few days after [Vice] President Dick Cheney almost got killed... er... visited the middle east to try to threaten... that is to say, urge, the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan to do more to fight terrorism.

Wow. Look what Cheney can accomplish when he simply shuts the hell up.

Nothing, really. But other people can accomplish something and he can take credit. So that's a plus. 5 bucks says they captured this guy before his visit and were waiting until he could come there to take the credit. Any takers? Anyone? You? No? 2 to 1 odds. No? Oh well, you made the right decision.

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