Thursday, March 8, 2007

I Can't Get to Sleep, I Think About the Implications

My first post ever, the subject line was "Visualize Abstinence - Imagine Bush and Dick Out of the White House." I even made a shirt out of it. No one bought it.

I found this "Letter to the Editor" on the Seattle Times. I think it is worth reprinting:

Just as this administration has done since its inception, another loyal worker has been thrown to the lions in the name of the cause.

Add this to the most recent firings of the United States attorneys, replaced with White House toadies and contributors , to the Walter Reed Medical Center scandal, where one commander was fired, only to be replaced with the man who allowed the mess to happen. Incidentally, he is gone now too. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates obviously didn't get the memo about rewarding screwups[sic], not firing them.

Then we have the I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby case, which has special significance as it shows the ends the president and vice president went to in the pursuit of evidence to back them up on the falling house of cards of the insurrection into Iraq.

Lying, corrupt and thinking himself above the law best describes Bush as his administration will fade into history. Unfortunately, as shown by the new secrecy commission's statements that it is OK to spy on Americans , they are going to throw everybody to the lions on the way out the door.

Time for impeachment. This is the real deal this time, not like the done-for-prime-time impeachment of Bill Clinton. This time, let's make it a double and get George Bush and Dick Cheney to go home.

--James Dunn, Marysville

Well said, James.

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libhom said...

Impeachment is so long overdue. It's as if the public interest just doesn't matter to so many politicians.