Monday, March 5, 2007

The Mission for 10,000

Chris Dodd's presidential website linked to me, making him the first Democratic presidential nominee to quote or reference my website on their weblog, as well as the first presidential candidate to support my quest to be more popular on technorati than Michelle Malkin. Although I received no traffic from the link, linking to me as a 0 of 0 percentage of winning you the presidency (since my blog started November of 2006). That means that for all anyone knows, referencing my site may be the difference between losing or winning the election. I'm looking at you Joe Biden.

Michelle Malkin is currently at 10,213 - so we're going to need to pick up the pace people. I need to see link after link, ping after ping. Obama, I know you can do this. Spread the word.

1 comment:

libhom said...

I think so many Democrats are mad at Dodd for supporting LieberBush over Lamont in the CT senate primary that Dodd has little chance of getting anywhere or getting much traffic on his web site.

Hopefully, you will get noticed by a more popular candidate next time. You deserve it.