Friday, March 23, 2007

Reign Over Me Has Liberal Message on Lamp

I just saw "Reign Over Me" - the new movie starring Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle and Jada Pinkett Smith.

I won't bore you with the story. It's a good movie, and you can read the premise on IMDB if you'd like.

But there was one part in the movie that thrilled me. One snippet of a scene that warmed my heart. What makes that so important, is that I am probably the only one in the movie theater that saw it and possibly even the only person who noticed it at all.

Don Cheadle plays a dentist, and like any dentist, he has a dental assistant. He was having a humorous conversation - related to the movie - with this assistant, when I noticed something very small on the lamp behind the assistant's shoulder:
It was difficult to notice. It barely took up 1/100th of the movie screen, if that, and was hidden behind the woman's arm. No one else in the theater said anything. And why would they? Even if someone did know what this was, they would have to look really hard to notice it on the screen. But I knew. I'd seen this exact image on numerous websites and online stores.

The image comes from the bumper sticker below:
To those that haven't seen the movie, you could think that this is because it is a lefty-political movie that is preaching to the nation. You'd be wrong. There is no mention of politics throughout the movie. They barely mention 9/11 and usually only in the context of Adam Sandler's grief. But this 1/3rd of this one little message, a message no one saw but me, was right there, on the screen - for roughly 15 seconds.

01/20/2009. Bush's last day. Brilliant.

Fox News will love to hear about this...

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