Monday, March 19, 2007

Larry the Cable Guy - A Fraud?

Daniel Lawrence Whitney, aka "Larry the Cable Guy" - comedian extraordinaire to blue collar Republicans and human-reminder to change the channel for Democrats, is a fake, a fraud, a phony, and impostor. Dare I say it, a mountebank.

Yes - one of the last remaining comedic outlets of Republicanism in today's liberal media, Blue Collar Comedy tour is the television home of a middle class gentleman posing as a blue collar hick.

Here are some YouTube videos that show the truth behind the fat (note: none of these jokes are funny at all - watch at your own risk).

A native of Nebraska that now lives in Florida? Shame on you, Dan Whitney. Shame on you. At least it's not just the act - you've never been funny.


By the way, who chooses to take on the persona of an incestuous flannel wearing mentally challenged farmer/electric company employee? I withhold judgment.


Shimmy said...

I don't know why the President didn't mention Ngo Dinh Diem in his speech yesterday. Could there possibly be too much terror to be president of the war on? said...

Here's my comment.

It's all in fun by the way.

Librocrat said...

Yeah, I actually knew he'd been outed long ago (in fact, I was sent the links to those youtube videos months ago, and had to search to find them). Considering the wikipedia article on him is dedicated to how he took on the persona, I knew I wasn't uncovering a new story. But I hadn't written about anything fun for a while, and ranking on a redneck comedian is fun. I REALLY don't think he's funny, though, and I've got Comedy Central on 24 hours a day (except to watch Law and Order when Blue Collar comes on).

Me? Anti-Republican? Surely you jest! I am pro-Republican, because I believe that Republicans can learn to be Democrats given the right information :). All it takes is time.

Anonymous said...

Outed? How stupid are you?

You know who else is a fraud? Flip Wilson. I hear he's not really a woman!

Librocrat said...

Thanks, you're brilliant. Is his last name not really "the cable guy" as well? Shocking.

It's sarcasm, stupid. Don't waste words on this website without at least leaving your blog information so people know to ignore you. Think of the bytes you just murdered by typing here. Don't vote.

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