Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Terrorism Suspect in Guantánamo Confesses to Planning 9/11

I'll let you read the full article in The Guardian. But for the summary: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged Al-Qaeda terrorist, confessed today to being involved in 9/11, comparing himself and Al-Qaeda to George Washington against the British.

From the article [emphasis added]:

He allegedly also confesses to being a member of the al-Qaida council and the "military operational commander for all foreign operations". These include surveying the assassination of former American presidents, including Jimmy Carter, and planning to bomb suspension bridges in New York. In all, he has allegedly confessed to being responsible for 31 separate attacks or planned attacks, including ones on Heathrow airport, Canary Wharf and Big Ben in London.

It is not clear why Mohammed would have wished to confess to such a wide-ranging number of outrages. The alleged confession is likely, however, to stiffen the resolve of the Bush administration in pursuing its controversial policy of putting the biggest cases of suspected terrorism through the closed military hearings.

The procedures have come under intense criticism from human rights groups on the grounds that the defendants are not entitled to normal rights of legal representation, and the hearings are closed to public scrutiny.

To repeat, it is not clear why Mohammed would confess to crimes instead of continue to live in his top-secret military prison. But my thought is that it has something to do with this picture of himself:
Almost looks like someone beat the crap out of him doesn't it?


DAV said...

I would like to know if they tortured him into conffessing.

millie said...

I don't understand why his neck collar is so wide, must have stretched it with his hairy and beastly neck.

Librocrat said...

I'm thinking it's something different. That it's an enlarged picture - his body is the same size, as is his shirt, but his neck and head shrunk from being starved and beaten.

At least, that's my assumption. said...

I'm sure he was tortured. I mean, this guy is confessing to pretty every attempted suicide we've heard about and then some since 9/11 (including 9/11).

Remember the movie, Reservoir Dogs? Mr. Pink and Mr. White are beating on a cop they have strapped to a chair trying to get him to leak who the rat is in their gang. Finally, Nice Guy Eddy comes in and says, "You beat on this prick enough,
he'll tell ya he started the
Chicago fire. That don't
necessarily make it so."