Saturday, March 31, 2007

My 201st Post

The last post was my 200th. The text came up funky, though, but the area that didn't show up correctly was supposed to read:

Overall Performance Rating- completed by Manager

[] Outstanding - Performance consistently far exceeds job requirements.

[] Successful
- Performance fully meets job requirements.

[X] Needs Improvement - Performance may meet some, but not all, job requirements.

Anyway, this website is falling behind in its quest for becoming more popular than Michelle Malkin's. In order to increase traffic, I'm going to add random non-political photos below. Please feel free and ignore them to your heart's content.
Michelle Kwan's Got Milk Ad
Finding Jesus in the glass
Al Kabong surfing in Bosnia?
These are the Tiger Sharks from the Cartoon. I think I'm the only person who remembers who they are.


Cetros said...

About the tigersharks... Not true, I remember them too. I loved this cartoon.

Anonymous said...

i remember them too. Es mas salian en Español.


Anonymous said...

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