Monday, February 19, 2007

Today is Political YouTube Day

I've been posting videos all day on my other site, and since my last post on this site had some html issues (all the photos became "Tripod Owned" or something), today will be YouTube day on this site as well:

This is a video of Fox "News" as a comedy show, with laugh track added to real "news" on the channel. Apparently, Fox doesn't think we should vote for Barack Obama because he smokes.

This is Ann Coulter getting impressively frustrated with some awesome woman I don't recognize filling in for Combs and Hannity and Combs

Here is a Video Montage of Bush's Greatest moments


freelasabird said...

I assume you're making a joke about Colmes when you call him "Combs"

That Coulter clip is hilarious. She doesn't understand what's going on. Usually on Fox, she gets to dominate the interview.

She should have titled her book: "How to Talk to a Liberal: I Never Have".

Librocrat said...

At the time, no. But his uselessness doesn't deserve me fixing his name.