Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fake News Not So Fake

I've written a few fake news articles about possible presidential nominees in 2008 (included, but not limited to, Papa Smurf). One of those articles was about a Democratic candidate that I named "Eniwon Butboosh." You can read that post here.

Last night I was considering the Republican nominees of 2008. I remain unimpressed. John McCain is such a sell out he has become the Puff Daddy of the Neoconservatives. Mitt Romney hasn't made a decision about anything, ever, and he won't win his own state let alone the Republican nomination. Rudy Giuliani has accomplished nothing, ever. Literally, ever. He has done nothing. And he was a mayor. I can't emphasize how incredibly dense you have to be to think he has any qualifications. Sam Brownbackkk...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Oh, sorry, even saying his name makes me fall asleep, let alone listening to him talk. Mike Huckabee - Uh... no.

But looking at the candidates I can't help but sigh in relief. None of them, despite how much I despise what each and everyone of them stand for, is as bad as Bush. And my original joke of "Eniwon Butboosh - 2008" actually stands.

I would never vote for any of them, and I encourage all curious moderates to follow my lead and vote Democratic. But the Republicans this year are all are not as bad as Bush. Bush not only represents all that is evil and wrong with this world, he represents what happens when connections and corruption enter the white house. He and Cheney, with their connections to the oil industries, Halliburton, and other powerful individuals in the business, religious, and political nexus, single-handedly distorted, manipulated and exploited everything in the country during the past 6+ years of their reign over the white house. Whether it was hiring their cronies or providing contracts and money to their families and business partners, nothing in the government was executed without some sort of gain for someone in the Bush/Dick web. Sam Brownba....................................................... Sorry... Sam Brownback may be more conservative than even Bush, but at least he does not have the same for-gain mindset of the Bushies. John McCain may be a sellout, but he doesn't have the support (or, in Cheney's case, support) the oil industries. And Giuliani - again, a man who has done nothing, ever - doesn't have the white house connections that allow him to get away with nominating under-qualified Neanderthals for important military and political positions.

Barack Obama, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Richardson - each of them is a qualified, trustworthy, strong candidate that deserves our vote and respect, no matter which one of them gets the Democratic nomination (I hope to see that no matter who receives the nod, we can put our differences behind us and rally ourselves towards that candidate). But at least we can finally say "Anyone But Bush, 2008" and be satisfied that is what we're getting. It's comforting that the worst case scenario is still better than it has been for the past 6 years.

Knock on wood.

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