Friday, February 23, 2007

Tom Vilsack Announces First, Drops Out First

Sooner than you can say "Who the hell is Tom Vilsack," The former Governor of Iowa will announce Saturday that he is dropping out of the presidential race.

Vilsack, the first person from either party to announce his candidacy back on November 30th of 2006, is the first Democratic in the very competitive field to withdraw. Few people expected he had any chance of winning the election, but some hoped that a Governor would emerge from the field since American history gives Governors a better chance of winning back the presidency. With Vilsack's withdrawal, Bill Richardson (D-NM) is the last remaining gubernatorial contender. Tom Vilsack's aides have cited a lack of funding mixed with the publicity of the top prospects (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards) forced him to take his name out of the running.

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