Sunday, February 4, 2007

New GM Commercial Kills People

Why do the commercials keep getting interrupted by a football game?

A new General Motors Commercial that played during Superbowl XLI may be responsible for the deaths of many Americans. The commercial, made by a company called "SWAY Studios," stars a little robotic arm that drops a bolt at the GM manufacturing plant. The robot is immediately fired, and leaves the plant sad and alone, attempting to find another line of work that he, as a robot, can do well (he works as the voice box for a fast food drive through, among others). All the while, nice, clean GM cars drive by. Finally, the robot, still alone, is deeply depressed and jumps off a bridge to his death. He then wakes up and realizes it was all a dream.

While this commercial may seem like the standard Super Bowl ad, it represents a gross negligence of the General Motor corporation. Research suggests that depictions of suicide on television greatly increase the rate of suicides in the population. This research (article examples can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here) says that although the average person sees a TV show, News Report, or commercial on suicide and can be entertained, saddened, or even laugh, a disturbed person sees the same suicide and finds it attractive.

This may seem foolish and misguided (watching the commercial does not make one suicidal, so you're probably okay), consider this: 90 million Americans watch the Superbowl. If the research above is correct (which we will always assume it is), that means that 90 million people watched a robot jump off a bridge, and chances are that many disturbed individuals tuned in as well.

Even if it only affects 1 person, that one individual's death is the result of ignorant, blatant irresponsibility on the part of General Motors, and they should be held accountable.


Michele said...

Well said! That was the most disturbing commercial I have ever seen in my life. The news stories are all over the place regarding layoffs by GM, and I should buy a car from them why?

libhom said...

I'm so glad I don't watch the Super Bore. But, it's a great time to go to the gym.