Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fake News: Obama and Clinton Overshadowed by New Candidate

For months CNN and similar stations have been peppered with news about the two strongest Democratic presidential candidates: Senator's Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Thought to be the two front runners for the 2008 presidential nomination, their candidacy has been shaken up by the surprise announcement by the Governor of Puerto Rico, Mr. Eniwon Butboosh.

Mr. Butboosh has entered the primaries as a Democrat, but his campaign is that of the newly established party, the Librocratic party. His announcement comes in the final days before the first debates, and already he has gathered millions in donations from recently converted Librocrats. Mr. Eniwon Butboosh has several key qualifications that make him such a strong candidate:

1) He is proudly liberal
2) He is an outspoken Democrat
3) He is not George W. Bush

Known for his straight talk and self described "lack of Bushit," Mr. Butboosh has already caused some of the less known candidates to drop out and campaign to be Eniwon's Vice President.

Mr. Butboosh's political fame started when he combined the two major Puerto Rican political parties, the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) and the New Progressive Party (NPP) into the current ruling party, the Democratic Progressives Party (DPP) Which garnered 98% of the vote in the last elections. He has also been credit with solving the AIDS crisis, balancing the budget, calming the Iraq insurgency and, more recently, he has gained huge political clout by being neither a totally incompetent fool nor the ex-Governor of Texas.

Mr. Butboosh plans to take the seat soon to be vacated by President George W. Bush, known in Puerto Rico as "El Presidente Pendejo." Although he enters a very competitive race with fellow competent Democrats who are also, likely, not Bush, Democratic pundits like his chances. And many members of the Democratic party have already placed his bumber sticker on their cars:

Eniwon Butboosh 2008


Treva said...

This is interesting news. If he continues to get media attention his bid for the White House might inspire a lot of debates and other conversations surrounding the role US Territory residents and aspiring political candidates play in US politics.

Treva said...

Have you ever seen the "Swift Report" at ?
It's been inactive since last June, but had some humorous fake news parody that fooled a lot of people into believing it was really a right-wing newsie-blog out to smear the left. That's how well the authors nailed the radical wingnuts.