Monday, January 29, 2007

The Scam

This is apolitical, but interesting. A website, called, accepts submissions (daily tips, like "Remember to always check between your toes for fungus every week" or "don't go jogging while constipated") from users and claims that they will pay them 3.00 per accepted tip, available usually in 7-10 days (with the small print that says it may take 4-6 weeks). A friend of mine, who coincidentelly was tip submitter number 10,000 (actually was, from a real counter, not a fake pop-up ad) found that not only doesn't pay for the tips it accepts, it also posted the tips they claimed were not accepted (stopped recently) so that they didn't have to even claim to pay the users, while still earning money from all the google adsense. One site, below, says there is news that they pay once they publish (not when it has been accepted). But considering since the site has begun it has accepted 4,500 tips and only published 700, it may be weeks before the author of the tip earns just $3.00.

Despite the complaints, however, the site is still up and running, making money every day with their adsense and capitalizing on other people's work, emotions, and time. They may publish them eventually, they may even pay eventually, but they have accepted more than they can afford to pay for and keep accepting them every day (and, from what I've been told, do not respond to emails). Visit these blogs for more on this story:
Mike's Money Making Mission

"If they are being legit, they're a horribly disorganized business with poor customer service and a bad, bad business plan"
--The Unemployed Writer

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So, the is fraud? n don't pay the $3 for each tip? Please go to: