Thursday, January 25, 2007

Fun With Political Anagrams

Neil Cavuto - Vile Toucan
Conservative - Soviet Cavern, Investor Cave, Naive Coverts, Over Vesicant (A Vesicant is a chemical which, if it escapes from a vein, causes extensive tissue damage with vesicle formation and blistering), Tavern Voices.
Ann Coulter - Cannot Rule, A Runt Clone, Unclean Rot
Michelle Malkin - I Suck Majorly. Seriously, it's there, just look really really hard.

That's all? There are no good Republican Pundit names. Too many of one letter, or poor combinations. Bill O Reilly: 4 L's. Robert Novak: A "V" and a "K." Sean Hannity: three 6's.

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