Thursday, January 25, 2007

The State of Our Union is Long... And Boring

Blah, Bush and his liberal agenda. At least he accepted a Republican's worst enemy: Reality. At first it didn't seem like there was anything worth commenting on. The whole speech was certainly different then others. There were maybe 5 standing ovations, and 2 of those were for the new "Madam Speaker" Nancy Pelosi, who of course is awesome and choked back sarcastic laughter during the "President's" address.

But there was something to comment on, and it took an episode of the Colbert Report to make me realize it. Bush says the poorest people who cannot afford health insurance will get tax breaks to help them pay for their insurance.

Uh... Dude... The poorest Americans don't pay taxes. They get it all back. So their tax break does nothing other than use the words tax break one more time than he would have otherwise.


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