Monday, January 29, 2007

Bombs over Baghdad

Er... no. That's depressing. Instead I'm going to talk about Presidential Nominees.

Clinton/Obama (hypothetical ticket) have a slim lead in the polls over Giuliani/McCain. The order is due to their current polling ranks, where Hillary Clinton is up on Barack Obama by roughly 20% and Rudy Giuliani is up on John McCain by a similar margin.

Question: How belittling will it be to McCain, ex-war hero with years of experience in Washington to be the Vice President to a man who was mayor of a city, and whose only claim to fame is his ability to capitalize on people's emotions about a horrible tragedy, milking it for all its worth? Seems like the kind of thing that would make a candidate impotent, but I could be wrong, since he's old and probably already is.

Follow up question: What kind of an idiot votes for a mayor for president. I'm serious. It needs to stop. Seriously. Stop. I mean it. He's a mayor. An ex-mayor. An ex-mayor who is going through his 3rd divorce. I mean, the guy didn't know whether he should run for president or continue with his business ventures. Does that bother anyone? ANYONE? He was torn between running the country and making money. No? No one cares? He claimed somehow he brought people together, rather than the pain of the 9/11 attacks. Doesn't that bother anyone? Do qualifications matter to you people at all? No? Okay, well... Whatever.

As for Hillary Clinton, she has finally issued a retraction for her vote for the Iraq war. I like Obama, I like Edwards, I even like Bill Richardson (who, according to the Malaysian Newspaper "The Star," is said to be a Guinness World Record holder. His feat? He shook 13,392 hands in one day during his campaign for governor four years ago.) but I cannot help but like the strength of Hillary's character, even if she has not been as liberal as I would have liked. Plus I'd rather Obama be a Vice President, not because I think he is worse than any of the other candidates but because I think he's better, and he's young enough that I would like to see him in office for 16 years instead of 8 (eight years vice, eight as pres). We'll see what happens.

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