Friday, January 26, 2007

The Liberal Army: Scores of Protestors in Our Own Country

We may be anti-war, we may be anti-Bush, we may be anti-combat -

But we can protest like a mother f----------------

Tomorrow, in over 300 US cities, pissed off citizens will begin their march across their respective streets in protest of the Iraq War and "President" Bush. According to Deborah White on (who is a great blogger, for all of you who read my site religiously - That's right, I'm talking to you, mom), and Progressive Democrats of America are mobilizing their readers and donors, sending out emails en masse, arranging whatever is arranged for marches (presumably, shoes... maybe Dasani) and readying their throats, ready to shout anti-Bush epithets in honor of the catastrophic failure that is the war in Iraq.

No where is this going to be more prevalent than in Washington D.C., where over 250,000 people with 1,400 different organizations will be walking towards the capital, metaphoric pitchforks in hand.

But it's not just the number of protesters that makes this protest so important, it is also the environment. A few years ago when the war started and first groups of Librocrats hit the streets, there were two accepted ways of thought. Those that were anti-war, and those that "Supported our troops." Despite our best efforts to explain that wanting them to come home alive is supporting them, the thick headed ideology still stood.

Some time ago, after one of the protests, a man who noticed my "I DID NOT VOTE 4 BUSH" bracelet told me how there were literally thousands of people with him, surrounding Westlake mall in Seattle. "But," he said "I bet the news will say it was a couple hundred and forget about it." So I turned on the news to see if his guess was right. Sure enough, the news anchor on King 5 News said "hundreds of Seattleites gathered downtown this afternoon to protest the Iraq war. But there was another, less known protest going on by the Montlake Bridge. Mary [last name] and 12 of her friends gathered, waiving 'Support Our Troops' banners..."

So, basically, the "hundreds" of protesters was just a transition to the much longer story of Mary, the elderly white lady and her equally old and white friends supporting the position of the "President."

This year, however, things for the "President" have gone south. November showed not just the Republicans, but the media and apolitical America that the war is a catastrophuckic [sic] failure, and America isn't going to take it anymore. And that's why this year it is time to protest yourself, to gather on the streets and fight back, Ghandi-like, against the injustices of the Administration. Find where your event is taking place (here), wear your best nikes, bring cough drops and get ready to show Bush and the remaining 3 people in Rexburg, Idaho that like him that he's doing a Heckuva crappy job.

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