Monday, January 22, 2007

Off to a Roaring Stop - Bush's Liberal Agenda

"This administration doesn't base their decisions on intelligence."
--Richard Clark on Keith Olbermann's "The Countdown"

According to the New York Times, Bush's State of the Union Address is going to be something we have rarely heard from the "President." It's going to be liberal.

Unlike most State of the Unions, which tend to be a laundry list of ideas and goals, most of which rarely reach congress let alone pass, this speech is supposed to focus on three issues: Health Care, Immigration, and... more shockingly... energy. What sounds like a complete 180 on his opinion of Global Warming, Bush looks as though he may actually mention something that pertains to something else related to something that addresses something that sounds a lot like global warming. I am itching in anticipation.

Note: He may even tell American car manufacturers that they have to start creating cars that have better than 5 miles to the gallon. Gasp.

Equally shocking is that he will propose a health care plan that actually TAXES those that have health care plans that cost significantly more than the national average, while giving tax breaks to poor people. Yes... poor people. Not rich. Poor. Sometimes it helps repeating it since it is so difficult to believe.

Yet still, neither of these plans is likely to get passed the house in their current forms, but at least the "President" admits they are problems, even if he does a poor job fixing them.

More importantly is that although these are issues the Democrats have been screaming to be dealt with for years, the Republicans will act as though it was all Bush's idea.

We'll see what he says on Tuesday...


Question: What does he accomplish addressing liberal issues? Does he expect liberals to like him more? Does he expect to regain respect among Republicans?

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sharon said...

Can you say "pandering?"

He has no game anymore. No power. Yeah, he's seated some supreme court justices, which can have long-term effects women and minorities and the rest of the country, but for immediate lawmaking and policy making, he's going to be thwarted at every turn because they're on to him.

If he doesn't go liberal, he won't get jack. Period.

But if his idea of liberal is making fuel-efficient cars, boy, does he have a lot to learn.