Saturday, January 20, 2007

Answers to Hillary Clinton Questions - Just the FAQs

The basics: Answers to questions about Hillary Clinton's chance at presidency.

Question - Is America ready for a female president?
Answer - Yes. When it comes to public office, most people have become blind to gender. Provided she appears as a strong, hard hitting candidate, it will not affect her chances and may actually be a bonus with moderate female voters. Besides, most of the remaining blatant sexists vote Republican. And if there is a hegemony remaining in the more liberal/moderate population, a male vice president should put those societal subconscious worries at ease.

Question - Is Hillary's greatest strength her husband's fame?
Answer - No. While Former President Bill Clinton may be the reason Hillary was thrown immediately into the spotlight, Hillary has created her own place in Congress, taken on lead roles, including those in the Armed Services Committee, the Environment and Public Works Committee, and the Special Committee on Aging, among others.

Question - Will her Husband's problems in 1998 affect her bid for presidency?
Answer - No. Because even talking about them is a waste of breath, since they have nothing to do with anything.

Question - Is Hillary too liberal to win over moderate Republicans?
Answer - No. In fact, she is not even close to the most liberal member of the Democratic Senate. While the far right will try to paint her as "liberal" thanks to their own disdain (and insecurities) about her husband, the fact according to Almanac of American Politics, which rates senators on a scale from 1 (100% Conservative) and 100 (100% Liberal), Hillary ranks a 68, well enough near the center to appeal to moderate independents.

Question - Is America going to elect a Senator to the presidency?
Answer - Yes/No. This is the most valid concern about her chances at the white house. It is difficult for a Senator to run for president because it is easy to skew voting records and spin them to paint the candidate in an ugly light. Governors, on the other hand, have little to no voting record, so that even the most incompetent dolt can be elected president despite sub par qualifications and intelligence. However, Hillary Clinton of all senators has been outspoken, unafraid to challenge responses to her voting record, and willing to explain her tough decisions. Equally in her favor, is that most of the potential opponents from the Republican Party are Senators, with Senator McCain being the front-runner, which will make previous public office an equal playing field.

Question - What demographic will be the biggest hurdle for Senator Clinton to win over?
Answer - Ironically, it will likely be apolitical moderates. Those that are easily swayed by attack ads, which Republicans are sure the fire off in full force. But America is also ready for a change, and so with enough positive advertising about where Clinton will take the country, these voters should realize the right choice.

Question - If Senator Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, who will be her running mate?
Answer - Who knows? Maybe Clinton/Obama? Clinton/Clark? Clinton/Edwards? Maybe even Clinton/Gore?

Question - Can she win?
Answer - Yes.

These next two years are going to be exciting.

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