Saturday, January 27, 2007

Book Review: Conservatize Me

John Moe's "Conservatize Me" is the story about a liberal (Starbucks drinking, bike riding, anti-war, pro-choice) talk show host from Seattle, who goes on a mission to try to become a conservative.

A quote from Dave Eggers on the back: "John Moe is almost always funny, and when he's not funny, he's from Seattle, which is also good."

Well said. Moe is hilarious, with a liberal wit on par with Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. Even when he is learning and agreeing with some of the most prominent conservative pundits, he throws in lines of humor that accurately describe the liberal viewpoint.

Also, as a Seattleite myself, he describes the political environment in Seattle so well, I couldn't help but be proud of my city all over again.

He even writes it so that a Conservative/Republican could read it, because he pokes equal fun at liberalism with the same witty remarks - although the book is, of course, left leaning.

I give it 9.5 out of 10. It only loses the .5 because the final 3 pages are predictably corny. But this is the best political book I've read in over a year, and I highly recommend it.

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