Sunday, January 28, 2007

Saudi Arabia to Pleasure the President

Saudi Arabia, Oil exporter and Bush's "BFF," has promised to lower their barrels of oil to 50 dollars a gallon, enough to sustain its economy while still lowering prices for Americans. The Seattle Times reports that this is to steal some of the oil revenue from Iran in an attempt to cripple its economy. But right now that is just speculation. Regardless, with tensions already running high in the middle east, this strategic price reduction for the Saudi's may create added tension in the region, and could prompt a response from Iran even if that wasn't the intention.


In other middle eastern news, the NYTimes Reports that the Palestinians are continuing their civil war that started last month. Hamas, the known terrorist organization that took the most of the country's government in elections over a year ago, and the Fatah, a more moderate but corrupted party, are escalating the fight throughout the province, especially on political figures and their families.

Israel, which usually tries to stay out of the Palestinian's internal conflicts, is considering getting involved because anarchy in the region makes it even more unstable and dangerous.


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