Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Plugging a book because a reader took the time to email me

I don't exactly have the patience to post today, but some reader emailed me asking me to plug his book. So I will. I'm guessing he emailed many, many other bloggers and I am in no way giving an opinion of this book, which I haven't read, but I feel like being generous. Apparently it's about the separation of church and state, where Jesus and Buddha and Moses (Moses? Not a God) among others have arisen from the dead.

Here is what a reviewer wrote:

Jerry Fletcher, cynic, is abducted while on a hiking trip with co-workers. He wondered if he was trapped in an "X-Files reality." Yoshu'ah, an alien, appears to Jerry and explains that there are two forces at work on planet earth, one is the force of LIGHT or good and one is the force of DARK or evil. Star Souls of LIGHT include Moses, Buddha, Isaiah, Daniel, Joseph and Jesus they taught love of God and the universe. But DARK took the teachings of LIGHT and "manifested the institution of religion, creating the hierarchy of power."

Jerry is one of the Star Souls and has been chosen to enlighten Earth. "You are like many great warriors of the Light. We have transferred large amounts of information to your DNA within your bones, and later, while on the Earth plane, you like thousands upon thousands of LIGHT warriors, will battle to save the Earth plane, bringing LIGHT unto Earth."

Jerry is returned to Earth and begins to enlighten others; his message is not one that the system of institutions wants spread. The people stage a rebellion against the government, there is rioting and civil unrest. Jerry has become a "threat."

Anyway, again, it could be good, it could be bad, I don't know. But he is the first person to email me through this website asking for something to be posted and for that, he is rewarded.


woyaokuang said...
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Librocrat said...

So everyone is clear, the comment was deleted because it was a spam link to pornography, not because of the content. Keep writing.